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Brianna Hildebrand Height, Feet, Dating, Bio, Parents, Gay, Hair, Age, & Instagram

About Details
Celebrity Name Brianna Hildebrand
Real Name Brianna Caitlin Hildebrand
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Husband n/a
Instagram @briannahilde
Movies Deadpool, Playing with Fire, Tragedy Girls, First Girl I Loved, Runt, Momster, etc.
Age 24 Years Old
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Estimated Net Worth $1 Million
Birth Date 14th of August 1996
Parents Veronica and Caleb Hildebrand
High School A&M Consolidated High School
Birth Place Texas

It is often surprising that an actor or an actress has starred in several movies or TV shows but does not get the attention immediately. It is only after a specific movie or a famous scene that grabs the audience’s attraction, and then the whole internet gets filled with their info within a few days. Such is the case with actress Brianna Hildebrand and her skyrocketing career. The hot and sexy girl has spread over the internet like a wildfire that only burns the hearts with her role in the movie Deadpool: 2.

Brianna Hildebrand Age, Height, Parents & Feet

Brianna Hildebrand Feet

Brianna was born on the 14th of August 1996, which places her on the new generation group called “Gen Z.” The actress is just 24 years old, but do not let her young age question her onscreen professionalism. The Texas-born star falls under the Leo constellation family. A not very important detail, but people have their type of search priorities.

The future star was born to parents Veronica and Caleb Hildebrand. Her father worked as a baptist church preacher, and thus, the whole family was staunch Christians. Although she got raised in a moderately religious family, she has yet to speak on her views regarding religion publicly. The girl belongs to multiracial ethnicity and has German, English, Irish, and American ancestral traits.

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In her early days, the beautiful girl dreamed of becoming a singer and songwriter. She got her first guitar at the age of 12 and immediately started composing her songs. With a musical career as her first choice, the girl attended A&M Consolidated High School in Texas. She graduated in 2017 despite her busy schedule and duties.

Brianna has been the center of attention for a while now. There have been some bizarre searches regarding the young girl’s physical features and preferences. Let’s stick to the rational ones, though. One detail that gets a lot of questions on the web is her height and feet size. Hildebrand rocks a solid figure standing at 5 feet 3 inches and maintains a healthy weight of 50 kgs. She wears a 30B bra cup size, and for those of you who wish to gift her a pair of shoes for her birthdays, sorry, we have yet to know her feet size.

Brianna’s Romantic Life: Is she gay?

Brianna has a transparent romantic life. She has not walked down the aisle to this day, but we can see it soon. The talented girl is in a relationship with her girlfriend, Jonekke Grisham. Yes, you read it right. She has a girlfriend whom she met at the set of the movie First Girl I Loved. While Brianna worked as the star of the film, her future-girlfriend held a set dresser behind the scenes.

The movie aired in 2016 and marked the beginning of a warm relationship between these two. Jonekke is a beauty herself and has a unique fashion style of her own. From several photos of the two together, we can see that Jonekke is a bit shorter than Brianna, but as they say, love knows no bounds. We can see their connection via their photos on social media.

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By the way, Brianna is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She often shares pictures with her followers, including modeling photos, guitar videos, close-ups, and other valuable clicks. You can follow her on her official Instagram account under the username “briannahilde.” She currently has 704 thousand followers with 175 posts. She does have a twitter account, but the tweets are protected.

Now for the million-dollar question. Is Brianna Hildebrand gay? The answer to that question is yes. Yes, the actress has admitted in front of the media that she had mixed feelings from an early age. In a YouTube video, the girl shared that as a teenager, she had a crush on Hillary Duff and Jesse McCartney at the same time. Her crush list also includes his future co-star Ryan Reynolds. Funny enough, she used to photoshop herself into Ryan’s photos.

On further questioning, the young actress opened up on her troublesome childhood. She shared that she had a hard time revealing her sexuality to her religious family. The girl had to go through a lot of teasing and labeling throughout her school years. Hildebrand is a legit member of the LGBTQ community now, but she still refuses to label herself onto a category. She feels comfortable on her skin and accepts herself.

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People and their obsession for Brianna’s Long Hair

Brianna long hair

As we all know, Brianna’s career took a massive step with her appearance on the marvel franchise of Deadpool and its sequel. In the movie, the girl rocks short hair that perfectly compliments her character. But, people have their curiosity on the girly side of this beautiful actress. There have been numerous searches on the internet for Brianna’s long hair photos. The girl had shaved her hair before her casting as a superhero in Deadpool. According to her, hair length does not define a woman, and we could not agree more.

Not so long ago, the girl posted a photo on her Facebook page with long hair and dated it 2013. She had a long and seemingly blonde hair color. Several other pictures of the actress wearing wigs and throwback pictures give us a pretty good idea of her long hair looks. She looks gorgeous, nonetheless. The star has shared her bikini photos on her social outlets, which have been fan favorites too.

Movies and Net Worth

Brianna Deapdool Movie

Brianna started her career with her role in the series Annie Undocumented. With the success of this series, she launched herself into the Hollywood acting career. Some of her other movie credits include The Voice Inside and Prism (2015), Deadpool/ The First Girl I Loved (2016), Tragedy Girls and The Exorcist (TV series, 2017), Deadpool 2 (2018), and Momster, Trinkets, Love Daily (2019). She is also scheduled to have new movie releases in 2020. The audience and critics appreciate her professional skills. With all these credits under her bag, the girl boasts a total net worth of $1 million at an early age.



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