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Brecken Merrill Wikipedia – Parents, Age, Birthday, Net worth, Height, Ethnicity, Instagram, & Yellowstone

Brecken Merrill Wiki

About Details
Celebrity Name Brecken Merrill
Profession Actor
Age 12
TV Series Yellowstone
Zodiac Gemini
Birth Date 20th June 2008
Sisters Karis & Seren
Height 4 feet 8 Inches
Parents n/a
Net Worth n/a

The world of acting has given birth to many talents throughout the years. From young boomers to charismatic oldies, talent seems to be abundant in the world of acting. And likely so, today we will be talking about a promising young talent who goes by the name Brecken Merrill.

Like many before him, Brecken Merrill began his acting career at a young age. And if history is to be considered, the young actor has a bright future ahead of him. So let us look more into the life and times of Brecken Merrill.

Brecken Merrill Age, Birthday, Instagram, Parents & Siblings

How Old is Brecken Merrill

Brecken was born on the 20th of June, 2008, in the United States. As of now, he is just 12 years old. But regardless of his young age, Brecken shows immense professionalism both and off the screen. And for those curious, the California born star falls under the Gemini constellation.

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When it comes to Brecken’s parents, he has not yet revealed any information that would give us an idea about them in much detail. But a quick look into his Instagram page shows a couple of pictures of him alongside his father( name unknown). His Instagram bio also mentions that his account is currently being handled by his mother(name unknown).

Likewise, Brecken is not alone. He has two siblings, both of whom are his sisters. His older sister goes by the name Karis, who is also an actor by profession. As for his younger sister Seren, she seems to be very young to be involved in any profession.

Brecken In Yellowstone, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Brecken Merrill Wiki

Brecken Merrill is just beginning his career as an actor, which is why not much information is available about him on the internet. He currently does not have a Wikipedia page of his own, which makes it quite challenging to know about him. But we’ve managed to get hold of some details about his professional life, which you might find interesting. So let’s look at just how Brecken earns his buck as an actor.

As of now, Merrill is best known for his role in the television series Yellowstone. The show, which first premiered back in 2018, brought Brecken into the limelight. On the show, he plays the role of young Tate Dutton, who’s on-screen dad is played by renowned actor Luke Grimes. The show also features veteran actors Kevin Costner, Josh Holloway, and Neal McDonough.

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Likewise, Brecken has also acted in a movie titled, We All Got Up to Dance. At just 12 years of age, Brecken still has a long time to add to his acting resume. And looking at his skills as an actor, it might not be a surprise to see him donning some considerable roles in the near future.

For those of you who are curious to know how much is Bracken’s net worth, the numbers have not yet been disclosed but looking into reports of other actors of Bracken’s age, and he might be worth somewhere around the hundred thousand range.



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