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Izzy G – Instagram, Parents, AJ & The Queen Comedy Series, Real Name, & Snapchat

About Details
Celebrity Name Izzy G
Real Name Isabella Marilyn Jane Gennarino Gaspersz
Age 12 Years Old
Height 3 feet 1 inches
Estimated Net Worth $2 Million
Birth Date 5th of August, 2008
Mother Sabrina Gennarino
Comedy Series AJ and the Queen
Birth Place Los Angeles
Profession Actress

Child actors have become a part of the movie and TV industry. From movies, cameos, and advertisements to supporting roles, these little future stars give that extra spice to the bit that elevates the overall quality. Some child actors and actresses have even led their movies and gained commendable appraisal from mature audiences. Let us look at one such rising child actress by the name of Izzy G.

Izzy G Age, ParentsIzzy G Parents

Young and talented Izzy was born on the 5th of August, 2008, in the United States. Her real name is Isabella Marilyn Jane Gennarino Gaspersz. She was born under the Leo constellation family and had a normal childhood. The girl was born in Los Angeles but now finds herself comfortable in New Orleans. People often query her age because of her splendid performances in movies. The girl is just 12-years-old and has a bright career ahead-considering; she has only devoted two years to this industry.

Izzy was destined to have a career in the movie industry, or she had a high chance. Why? It’s because both of her parents belong to the industry. Izzy’s mother, Sabrina Gennarino, is an actress and producer by profession. Her father is the director of Pieter Gaspersz. They have been happily married since 2002. Sabrina, now 41, had moved to the Big Apple somewhere in her career from Rochester, New York, to pursue her career in modeling and acting. You can see her in projects like Jack Reacher, The Purge, and playing the role of Tamiel in The Walking Dead.

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Talking about the young girl’s dad, Pieter is in his forties now. He came from New Jersey and has pursued the direction career all his life. One of his prized contributions is the movie After which aired in 2014. He has also worked in other movies like Hollywood Trials, Days of Darkness, Sex and the City, and Epic Ride. Taking this success as an initiative, Pieter has two upcoming films, namely Riders and Storm and Perico, which he directed and wrote. With influences as such, their daughter Izzy has soaked up all the passion from her parents and launched herself in the industry.

While the girl is still young and far away from her high school graduation day, information about her actual schooling is yet to emerge on the internet. It seems she is a single child and enjoys her time bouncing back and forth between a regular school girl and a movie star.

Izzy’s Career and Aesthetics

Izzy is just stepping into her teens and is yet to mature physically and mentally. She stands at a height of 3 feet 1 inches and maintains a healthy body weight of 25 kgs. The little girl has inherited light brown hair and eye color from her parents. Like her parents, she follows Christianity as her religion. The little girl is a vegan and is developing a plant-based diet like her parents. Both Gaspersz and Gennarino are active animal rights activists and have founded several homes for dogs in NY and LA.

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The girl got her passion for acting while getting involved in theater productions. Her first movie appearance dates back to 2014 in the movie After. The film was written by her mother and aired under the direction of her father. One success led to another, and the next thing you know, the girl made her feature film debut via Netflix’s Highwaymen accompanied by other stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson.

Izzy G in the comedy series AJ and The QueenAJ and the Queen

Izzy is a part of the hit comedy series AJ and the Queen. The story follows the adventures of a drag queen Ruby Red who decides to hit the road in her RV truck. But her plan meets takes a different turn when she meets a 9-years-old stowaway with the name AJ. According to the storyline, AJ has been recently orphaned, so she decides to join the drag queen in her journey. The character of AJ is portrayed by little Izzy G. Her role in the series has skyrocketed her career in such a short period.

The show was written and created by RuPaul and Michael Patrick King, who were the co-creators of hit series 2 Broke Grils and Sex and the City. The first episode of the series aired on the 10th of January, 2020. The show is sure to attract thousands of viewers with its quality comedy and drag performances.

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Izzy G Instagram, Snapchat

Izzy is an adventurous girl who likes to fill her day with different adventures when she is away from the cameras. She loves to travel around and adores horse riding. Like any other growing girl, she loves to satisfy her taste buds with delicious foods of her preference.

The budding star is active on social media and shares different photos with her followers. She has pictures with her parents, some promotions of her shows, and other fun stuff on her Instagram profile. Currently, she has 85.4 thousand followers on her Instagram profile: “mizzizzyg.” People often confuse the girl with another person on Snapchat with the same username. With that said, the actress holds an estimated net worth of $100,000 as per trusted sources.



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