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Sebastian Bails Age, Girlfriend, Gay, TikTok, Dating, Net Worth, Parents, & Height

Sebastian Bails Wikipedia

About Details
Celebrity Name Sebastian Bails
Profession Social Media Influencer
Estimated Net Worth $276K USD
TikTok Profile @sebastianbails
Age 21 Years Old
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Eyes Color Blue Eyes
Hair Color Brown Hair
Nationality American
Height 5 foot 11 inches (180 cm)
Birth Date 27th August 1999
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Instagram Profile @sebastianbails
Parents n/a
Weight 80KG
YouTube Channel Sebastian Bails
Marital Status Unmarried

Who is Sebastian Bails?

Sebastian Bails is a well-known social media figure in the United States, best known for his Tik Tok account, Itzsoseb. He dresses up as various characters in his films, the majority of whom are his girlfriend. Sebastian Bails has millions of Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube followers.

Sebastian Bails Biography

The American YouTuber was born on the 27th of August 1999, in the state of California. Bails is of American nationality and his zodiac sign is Virgo. There is no information available about his upbringing or relatives. However, it is said that he has included him, his girlfriend, in his social media messages.

There is no information available regarding his schooling. Despite the lack of knowledge about his age, he may still be a student. He does, however, seem to be well-educated.

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How old is Sebastian Bails?

Born in 1999, the American TikToker is now 21 years old.

Sebastian Bails’ Professional Career

Sebastian Bails began his career on Musical.ly ( former TikTok), but of all the websites, he first joined Twitter. On Twitter and YouTube, he has a few followers. He initially despised TikTok, believing it to be just another social media app attempting to imitate vine.

Later, he wanted to give it a go, and within a few months, he had amassed over 400,000 followers. His followers eagerly anticipated his comedy video, in which he dressed up as various characters and avatars.

He then took part in TikTok’s #IAmAWitness movement shortly after. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about bullying in schools and colleges. Sebastian vocal was there with him as well, and he backed him up ultimately.

Sebastian and Lauren Godwin

Sebastian and Lauren Godwin

Lauren Godwin, a close friend of his, is an inspiration to him, and he often borrows ideas from him for his videos. Lauren has more followers than Bails, even though they began together and shared similar material.

Sebastian has also worked on Tik Tok with other well-known celebrities. In his videos, he appears alongside Danielle Cohn, Lauren Godwin, Jazmine Lucero, and Nick Pallauf. Despite this, he launched his Twitter and Instagram accounts in March of 2014. Sebastian began marketing brands on Instagram and also had the opportunity to socialize with other social media influencers.

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Sebastian on YouTube

Sebastian is a YouTube sensation. ‘Recreating our first Cringely musical’ is one of Sebastian’s most famous episodes. Lys with Danielle Cohn’ and Nicolette Gray’s’Switching Lives’. He was also used as a model in several photoshoots. He confessed that making YouTube videos took a lot of time. He took an average of 18 hours to complete a recording.

Sebastian has also visited California’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival. He was seen at the TanaCon conference in June 2018. His ambition is to become a professional actor with a million Instagram followers.

Sebastian was invited to the YouTube convention, which is only open to a select few You Tubers.

Sebastian Bails’ Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $276 thousand as of 2020, according to various reports. Social networking platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube are his primary sources of revenue. Sebastian is also a model who has participated in many photoshoots. Nonetheless, he uses his Instagram account to advertise a variety of items.

Even though his source of revenue is known, his annual salary is undisclosed. He owns a Mercedez Benz GLS 450 SUV that has a market price of $76,000.

His self-titled YouTube account has estimated earnings of $107-$1.7k per month, which amounts to $1.3k-$20.6k every year.

Sebastian Bails’ Relationship

He has been dating YouTuber Lauren Godwin since 2019, according to his posts on his YouTube page. Sebastian is not married yet and has no children. There is no precise detail about his previous engagement. However, he was rumoured to be dating Danielle Cohn, a fellow Tik Tok actress.

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In Bails’ YouTube video titled ‘CHEATING WITH THE DOOR LOCKED PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND! *She Ruined My Car*’ he revealed that his ex-girlfriend name was Grace Anne Auten.


There are no stories or debates around him, and he has led a life free of controversy. According to some accounts, he dated Danielle Cohn, a fellow Tik Tok star. Later, he revealed on Twitter that she is his best friend and that he is staying with her in Los Angeles.

Is Sebastian Bails gay?

Owing to the looks, he presents on his TikTok and YouTube videos, many of his fans have presumed that Sebastian Bails might be gay. But since he has a history of girlfriends and is currently dating one, he is completely straight regarding sexual orientation.

Sebastian Bails’ Body Measurements

Sebastian stands at 5 foot 11 inches (180 cm) tall and weighs 80 kilograms. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He has had facial cosmetic surgery and lip injections.

Sebastian Bails’ Presence on Social Media

Sebastian is a frequent user of social media. Sebastian has a self-titled YouTube channel of over 76 million views and 986 thousand subscribers. On Instagram, he has 343 thousand followers under the handle @Sebastianbails.

He still communicates with his fans on Twitter, where he has over 7,000 followers. On Facebook, he has over a thousand fans. On his Tik Tok website, he has 12.7 million followers.



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