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Alana Kari(Dan Bilzarian Ex- Girlfriend): Wiki, Height & More

About Details
Celebrity Name Alan Kari
Popular For Dan Bilzarian Ex-Girlfriend
Estimated Net Worth $100k – $5million
Age 31 Years Old
Birth Place United States
Parents n/a
Birth Date 25th January 1989
Height 5’8” – 6’0”(Guessed)

Who is Alana Kari? Birthday, Height & More

Alan Kari is like a mystery. Her name rings here and there, but only a few have an idea of just who she really is. Alana’s life is shrouded in mystery, with only about 1% of her life out open to the public to see. Alana Kari was born on the 25th of January, 1989, in the United States. And that is the most anyone seems to know about Alana.

And for those out there wanting to know what Alana Kari’s height is, well, you’re going to have to wait for that. There are no reports about her exact measurements, but speculations have risen that she could be somewhere around 5’8” – 6’0” tall. There is literally not any information about any part of Alana’s life anywhere on the internet, which is why it’s tough to pinpoint any exact details about her life.

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Alana Kari & Dan Bilzarian

Although Alana’s life has always remained a mystery, there is one thing she is really famous for. And that is her short-lived relationship with professional poker player and social media sensation Dan Bilzerian. Probably one of the most famous Instagram celebrity, Dan Bilzerian, is known for many things. His love for poker, guns, weed, and, more importantly, women have made his a fan favorite. Dan’s luxurious lifestyle is something any, and every guy dreams about every night when he goes to sleep.

Alana Kari was lucky enough to have been able to be in a relationship with Dan. But their relationship was short-lived. The pair dated from 2012 up until 2013. There were no reasons as to why they separated. Her relationship with Dan is what really brought her name into the spotlight. People began questioning who she is and what she does. But it seems fame and stardom does not excite Alana.

Which is why she has been so quiet even when there have been numerous questions about her life and who she really is. And until and unless she comes forth to reveal any details about her life, we’re all going to have to stay in the dark.

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Alana Kari’s Net Worth

Dating someone as rich and famous as Dan Bilzerian is sure to come with loads of perks. And that is why Alana has been the center of attention when it comes to figuring out her net worth. Alana is a socialite, that’s all there is to know about her professional life. So it’s quite hard to identify just how much she earns for a living.

There have been several speculations about Alana’s net worth. Reports have come forth that she could possibly have a net worth of $100k – $5million. But her income source has not yet been disclosed, which is why the numbers put forth need to be taken with a grain of salt.



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