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Go Ara Eyes Surgery – Height, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Movies & Tv Shows

About Details
Celebrity Name Go Ara
Profession Actress and Model
Age 30 Years Old
TV Shows Snow Flower, Who Are You? Reply 1994, You’re All Surrounded, Peacemaker, Papa
Birth Place South Gyeongsan Province, South Korea
Birth Date 11th February 1990
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Estimated Net Worth n/a
University Chung-Ang University

Who is Go Ara?

Born on the 11th of February 1990, Go Ara is a South Korean actress and model. Born in the South Gyeongsan Province, Go; currently, 30, began her career when she was just in junior high following the recommendation of a friend to audition for SM Entertainment talent agency. And since then, she’s not looked back. Over the years, Go Ara has managed to act in some of South Korea’s biggest hits.

Ara’s professional life is very much open for the world to see, but her personal life has always been kept behind the curtains. As her stardom kept on growing, so did her fan following. And everybody wants to learn more about their favorite superstar. But to everyone’s dismay, Ara’s kept her personal life to herself. What’s known is the fact as a young girl, she had to continually move around Korea because her father was a soldier. She graduated from Chung-Ang University. And that’s all there is to know.

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Go Ara Eyes Surgery?

Go Ara Eyes Surgery

It comes as no surprise to anyone to find out that over the years, Go Ara has undergone several plastic surgeries to fine-tune her looks. Although she’s been famously quoted as saying, “I’ll put more focus on acting rather than having any cosmetic surgery procedures,” the pressure of being at the best she can, seems to have got to her. If we were to look into some of Ara’s childhood pictures, we can see that she has undergone several plastic surgeries over the years.

The first and foremost of the surgeries happen to be her eyes. As one of the most popular surgeries in South Korea, Ara herself underwent surgery in her eyes to obtain double eyelids. Her hazel brown eyes seem even more beautiful after her surgery. Likewise, the next of her surgery happens to be her ears. As a young girl, Ara had what most people call “Cauliflower Ears.” Her ears seem to catch most of the attention rather than her beautiful face. As a result, Ara underwent Otoplasty, which pushed her ears back and away from all the attention. Still not satisfied with the way she looked, Ara underwent rhinoplasty, which is the reshaping of the nose. Although not clearly obvious as her ear surgery, comparing her past and present pictures indeed shows the difference.

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Go Ara’s Career, Movies, and TV Shows

Go Ara Movies

Go Ara has been acting and modeling for well over 15 years. Her career as an actress began back in 2003 when she was chosen to play the lead female role for the KBS teen drama Sharp. The role immediately shot her to stardom. Following the success of Sharp, she was yet again chosen for its sequel. And from there on came roles that kept on catapulting her success even higher. She went on to star in notable shows such as Snow Flower, Who Are You? Reply 1994, You’re All Surrounded, Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea, Peacemaker, Papa, and many more.

Ara’s acting credits are too long to list out all but be assured that every role that she’s ever undertaken, she did it justice. Don’t believe us? Just check her trophy cabinet. Ara’s won several notable awards as well as has been nominated countless times. So there’s no doubt just how good of an actress she really is.

And that’s just her acting career. She’s also a model. Does that really surprise us? Don’t think so. With looks like Ara’s, everybody would definitely want to be associated with her.

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Does Go Ara have a Husband? Hints on Instagram?

Ara’s dating life has not been as transparent as many would like it to be. She’s always managed to keep most of her personal life behind the curtains. This is why it isn’t easy to understand whether she is dating anyone or if she is married and does have a husband. Many of you might be tempted to go through her Instagram page to find out such details. But there’s nothing there to give us any hint of her romantic life.

Maybe she is, or maybe she is not dating anyone. It remains a topic of discussion, and we just cannot be sure until Ara herself comes forth to reveal the details.



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