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Harvey Elliott Salary, Height, Stats, Rating, Age, Goals, Fulham, & Net Worth

About Details
Celebrity Name Harvey Elliott
Salary £7,500 weekly & £350,000 Per Annum
FIFA Rating 64 (3-Star rating for skill moves)
Age 17 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 7 inches
Estimated Net Worth $0.2 Million
Birth Date 4th April 2003
Nationality British
Current Football Club Blackburn Rovers F.C.(Midfielder)
Previous Football Club July 28, 2019 (Liverpool F.C.), September 2018 (Fulham F.C.)

Harvey Elliott, Age & FIFA Ratings

Harvey Elliott is a name you come across a lot when you look up young players with promising careers. Yes, the boy is in his teens yet supports Liverpool, a prestigious football club in the winger position. What makes this young man so unique, and how did he end up in his current team?

The footballer has excellent dribbling skills and, more importantly, a great knack for the game. With his professional debut at the age of 15, the player holds the title of the youngest footballer in the League Cup. He just turned eligible for a scholarship this April as he turned seventeen. As per the latest information, Elliott has an overall rating of 64 in FIFA 20, 87, as his potential points. He also has a 3-star rating for skill moves. Anyways, let’s take a look at his career highlights and other exciting locations.

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Harvey Elliott Interview

Harvey has accomplished a lot at such a young age, but he has yet to know the consequences of media exploitation. Nothing serious, but the young star got caught in a nasty situation last year due to a video leakage in the video, taken on Snapchat the young man filmed the England captain Harry Kane on a TV. He went on to imitate his accent and labeled the video f***ing mong. The video became viral, and this stupidity dragged the player in a 14-day ban from league games.

Not long after the whole situation, Harvey apologized via his Instagram account. In the statement, he wrote that he was extremely sorry for the video on the internet. The guilty player further added that the video had been taken in a private environment while messing around with peers. Nonetheless, he accepted that his actions were both senseless and immature and requested viewers not to take that particular video to judge his character.

While we are discussing videos, young Harvey sat through his first interview as a senior professional in April 2020. The interviewer? It was none other than Pepijn Lijnders, the assistant manager of Liverpool. The meeting included a lengthy yet entertaining and informative discussion with the young player over a video chat. Throughout the video, Harvey discussed his short and long-term goals and what it felt to train alongside star players. He mainly focused on the influence Jurgen Klopp and Vitor Matos have made in his career.

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Harvey Elliott Career, Fulham-Goals

Elliot’s career started at the Fulham Academy. During that time, he was an aspiring footballer with dreams of touching the sky. With dedication and enthusiasm, young Harvey enrolled at coombe Boy’s School located in New Malden. With improvements over time, the boy debuted for Fulham on 25th September 2018. He was just 15-year-old and just returned home from a full day of schooling.

The player finally appeared before thousands making his league debut on 4th May 2019. He substituted Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa on the 88th minute of the game. They lost the game with 1-0 onboard against Wolverhampton Wanderers. In July of 2019, Elliot got transferred to Liverpool. During this time, other big teams like Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain also had eyes on his raw talent. The possibility finally collapsed on 28th July when he officially transferred as one of the reds with an undisclosed fee.Harvey Elliott Current Team Liverpool

Harvey made his Premier League debut on behalf of Liverpool on 2nd January 2020. He replaced Mohamed Salah a minute before the referee blew the final whistle. The game was against Sheffield United, and Liverpool maintained dominance of two goals against nil till the end. On 6th July this year, he inked his first contract with this year’s premier league champions Liverpool.

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Looking back at the whole season, Harvey scored one goal. He played a total of 1215 minutes and played games in first-line for seven times. He has 0 assist points under his name even though he has a 73 pass completion percentage.

What is Harvey’s Salary?

Taking the current statistics into perspective, Harvey Elliott is taking home a handsome salary of £7,500 weekly, which rounds up to £350,000 when we look at the annual stats. All this money comes from his current football club, Liverpool. Currently, players like Mohamed Salah, Alisson Becker, and Sadio Mane are getting top-rate payments for apparent reasons.Besides this, the boy is making a decent amount of money as a part of the national team. With status as such, it is of no surprise that he gets some payments through sponsorship and endorsements.

As of 2020, Harvey is estimated to hold an estimated net worth of $0.2 million. If you look up his current market value, it certainly comes around €3.60 million as per April updates. All this success at a young age of 16, the boy has a bright future ahead.



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