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Zachary Smith – Age, Height, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, & Net Worth

Zachary Smith Wikipedia

About Details
Celebrity Name Zachary Smith
Profession YouTuber
Estimated Net Worth $500,000 – $1 million USD
Monthly Earning $383 – $6.1k
Age 19 Years Old
Birth Place Florida, United States
YouTube Channel Zachary Smith (1.69 Million  Subscribers)
Instagram Profile @zachwtflmao (610K Followers)
Nationality Filipino-American
Birth Sign Scorpio
Parents n/a
TikTok Profile @zsmittty (2.6 Million Followers)
Marital Status Unmarried
Birth Date 28th February 2002
Height 5 ft 6 in

Zachary Smith is a YouTube personality who is best known for his humour, storytime, challenge and reaction videos, which he uploads on his self-titled YouTube channel. “If I Was In” is the title of his most famous YouTube video series.

Smith is already well-known on Instagram, with over a million followers on the photo and video-sharing platform. Fans sometimes refer to him as “Zach.” Zachary’s channel hosted a pair of funny videos that were later featured on the iconic American television show “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Zachary Smith Biography and Birthday

Zachary Smith was born in Florida on February 28, 2002. He grew up with his sister in Florida and graduated from high school. Zachary has kept a low profile when it comes to his parents.

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Mittens, Zachary’s cat, is his pet. Mittens took the liberty of relieving Zachary while filming a vlog, and he uploaded a screenshot of it.

What is Zachary Smith’s age?

Born in 2002, Zachary is currently 19 years of age.

Zachary Smith’s Career in Social Media

Zachary Smith Social Media

Zachary aspired to be famous since he was a kid. He desired to live out his childhood fantasy of becoming supported by his followers. Zachary was well-liked by his peers in school because he always had something amusing to say.

When Zachary told one of his friends that he wanted to be popular, the latter suggested that he share videos online. His friend was sure that if he shared his stories online, they would attract a large audience. Zachary liked the concept because it seemed reasonable and straightforward.

Zachary Smith then launched a YouTube channel of the same name and began uploading videos.


Zachary Smith runs a channel of his own name on YouTube that has over 1.69m subscribers as of 2021. He has uploaded over 91 videos which have been viewed more than 113m times.

The YouTuber’s first video, “Wii Bowling Fail”, which was taken at a bowling alley, was hilarious. The video was later included in an episode of the popular television show “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

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He then proceeded to upload a slew of hilarious videos before moving on to other genres. Following that, he made a response video in which he responded to a few frightening videos that had gone viral online.

Zach spoke about his ghost experience in his first storytime video. He described how a group of girls frightened him in another storytime video. He first mistook the girls for stalkers, but they turned out to be his fans.

Zachary has discussed his feelings of being stalked in a few of his storytime videos. He also made a video in which he mentioned a few YouTubers he despises. Zachary called a pair of fashion bloggers in the video and then mocked them. Zachary has also made a few makeup-related videos.

Smith has also made a video in which he discusses his sexual identity. He talks about how people respond to him being gay in the spoof.

‘If I was in is the title of one of Zachary’s most famous video series on YouTube. He imagines himself as characters from famous teen tv shows and movies and enacts his version of the story in the video series. These videos are inspired by shows and films like “Hannah Montana,” “It,” “Mean Girls,” and others.

His fans have repeatedly demanded that he share cooking videos. On his Instagram username, ‘zachwtflmao,’ he had shared a couple of them. Those videos were well-received, and his fans demanded more. Zachary gladly obliged his fans by uploading a few cooking videos to his YouTube page.

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Whatever he tweets, his videos still end up being funny, which works in his favour. Regardless of the material, Zach’s quirky way of describing stuff will turn any video into a laugh riot. Smith has worked with Anastasia Bruzzi, a classmate and fellow YouTuber, on several occasions.


Zachary Smith is also available on Instagram as zachwtflmao, where he has over 611k followers. He mostly posts photos of himself on the social media platform and has uploaded over 52 photos/videos.

Zachary Smith’s Net Worth and Earnings

Although there is no precise information regarding the wealth that Zach may be holding, we have a reason to believe that he might have a net worth between $500,000 – $1 million.

According to Socialblade, Zachary Smith earns $383 – $6.1k per month, which amounts to about $4.6k – $73.5k a year.



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