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Missi Pyle Net Worth, Height, Age, DodgeBall, Movies, Instagram, Parents, & Spouse

About Details
Celebrity Name Missi Pyle
Real Name Andrea Kay Pyle
Estimated Net Worth $2.5 Million USD
Age 48 Years Old
Instagram Profile @missipyle
Nationality American
Birth Date 16th November 1972
Spouse Casey Anderson (m. 2008–2012), Antonio Sacre (m. 2000–2005)
Parents Frank and Linda Pyle
Birth Place Houston, Texas, USA
Birth Date 16th November 1972
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Siblings Debbie, Julie, Paul, & Sam

Missi Pyle Bio, Age, Height, Parents, & Siblings

Andrea Kay Pyle, better known as Missi Pyle, was born on the 16th of November, 1972, in Houston, Texas. Her parents, Frank and Linda, raised Missi along with her four siblings. She has two sisters Debbie and Julie, and two brothers, Paul and Sam. She is the youngest child. Missi also has a half-brother and half-sister called Gordon and Meredith. When it comes to her education, Missi attended Germantown High School in Tennessee. After which she joined the North Carolina School of Arts in North Carolina.

Missi stands at the tall height of 5’11”. For those who are extra curious, her feet size is reported to at around 9. She’s tall, and she’s beautiful, she hot and she’s sexy.

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Hot Missi Pyle

If you feel like lighting up your day, just hop into Missi’s Instagram account. You’ll find out just how she really is behind all the glam and fame. There are no topless pictures of her (for the extra keen ones), but it shows her life, passion, and, most importantly, her true self.

How Much Missi Pyle Net Worth?

And with a long list of hits over a long-spanning career both as an actress and a singer, Missi has managed to accumulate a decent sum of money to her name. As of present, Missi Pyle has a net worth of over $2.5 million. Not a bad sum on money to be associated with. And who knows, at 47, maybe she still has some more hits down the line.

Missi Pyle In Galaxy Quest, & DodgeBall

Missi Pyle has been acting for well over two decades, and she’s not disappointed. She’s starred in countless movies and television series, all of which has cemented her name as one of the great and iconic actress of our time. Pyle’s career as an actress first began in 1997 when she starred in the movie As Good as it Gets. From there on, she starred in a few other films and television series. But it was her role in the 1999 movie, Galaxy Quest, that put her name in the map.

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Since then, she went on to be a part of other hits such as Home Alone 4, Bringing Down the House, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Two and a Half Men. In 2004, she starred as Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky in the movie DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story. Pyle’s roles over the years are too long to list. But be assured that she’s done justice to every role she’s donned. And not only is Missi an actress, but she is also a singer. Pyle began a career in singing back in 2007 when she met Shawnee Smith. The two formed a band called Smith & Pyle. The pair went on to record two albums before disbanding in 2011.

Is Andrea Kay Pyle Married or single?

Missi’s love life first hit the news when she got married to Antonio Sacre in 2000. The pair seemed to have a long-lasting love, but that was cut short when Missi filed for divorce in 2005. Two years later, she was married to her second husband, Casey Anderson. Maybe the second time was the charm, but yet again, Missi and her husband separated after just four years.

As of now, Missi is not married, but she is in a relationship with Josh Meyers. Although not married, the pair have adopted a child who goes by the name Zooey Rose. Missi’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her, Josh, and her little girl Zooey.

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