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Jefferson White Wikipedia – Wife, Date of Birth, Height, Net Worth, Age, House, & Marital Stats

Jefferson White Wikipedia

About Details
Celebrity Name Jefferson White
Profession Actor & Producer
Wife n/a
Age 34 Years Old
Nationality American
Instagram Profile @_jeffersonwhite
Date of Birth 1980s (Assumed)
Ethnicity White
Parents n/a
TV Series How to Get Away with Murder, The Twilight Zone, BlindSpot, Aquarius, The Alienist, House of Cards, and Elementary
Birth Place Iowa, United States
Film Production Company Means of Production
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Net Worth n/a

Cute as a rabbit but as handsome as they come, Jefferson White is a sight for the eyes. An actor and a producer, Jefferson White has managed to make quite a name for himself over the past few years.

Through his charismatic on-screen persona to his humble and straightforward off-screen, White has become a fan favorite, which is why his fans and followers have been trying to get hold of more details about their favorite actor. But to their dismay, White has managed to keep much of his life away from the spotlight. The occasional once or twice, he does shed a tiny bit of light into his life, but that by no means satisfies his fans. In this article we’ve managed to accumulate some information about him as much as we could. Keep on reading and learn more about Jefferson White.

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Jefferson White Biography, Height & Parents

Jefferson White Biography

It isn’t easy to state precisely the year Jefferson White was born. His Instagram account has a picture of him very young, possibly about a year or two, with the caption mentioning the date 1990. So his birthday could be somewhere around the late ’80s. He was born in Iowa, United States. That is as many details there is about him all over the internet. Although the exact height measurements have not yet been identified, he could be well over 6ft tall. His Instagram account has pictures of him standing next to Kevin Costner, who is 6ft 1 inch tall, and White looks about an inch or two taller than Costner.

Likewise, there are no mentions about his parents or his early days. There are a few pictures of him as a young boy enjoying life in Iowa. But other than that, it’s a complete mystery. And there is no Wikipedia page about White either, which is quite surprising because White is a renowned actor of his time.

Jefferson White TV Series

Jefferson White Tv Series

Over the years, Jefferson White has managed to act in about six television series. He’s starred in the hit show How to Get Away with Murder, The Twilight Zone, BlindSpot, Aquarius, The Alienist, House of Cards, and Elementary. But it’s his role as Jimmy Hurdstram in the series Yellowstone that put his name on the map. When he’s not acting, he runs his own production company called Means of Production, which aims to nurture young artists seeking to make a name for themselves.

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How Much Jefferson Worth?

With such endeavors and success that White has had, it would be quite possible to assume that he has accumulated a decent sum. Like every other thing about his life, White’s net worth is a complete mystery. But it might not be unusual to assume that he could be worth somewhere around the hundred thousand range. Maybe in the coming days, we might learn more about Jefferson White.



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