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Tiffany Pesci (Joe Pesci Daughter): Age, Biography, Mother, Birthday, Height, & Net worth

Tiffany Pesci Information

About Details
Celebrity Name Tiffany Pesci
Age Mid-Twenties(Guess)
Father Joe Pesci
Mother Claudia Haro
Birthday n/a
Nationality American
Net Worth n/a
Height n/a
Grand Parent Mary Pesci, Angelo Pesci

So, what is the fastest way to gain celebrity status? Is it winning the Oscars, putting out a platinum album, or anything else? If you ask me, I would say getting born on a celebrity family. Think about it; most young celebrities you follow on social media are related to a big name one way or another. Take Jayden Smith, the son of Will Smith, for example. It is another thing that he keeps himself in the limelight with occasional movie and rapping projects. Still, he was bound to get the flashing cameras and paparazzi from an early age.

There are tons of other examples of these celebrity sons and daughters. I do not intend to demean their efforts, but, let’s be honest; they were born with a silver spoon on their mouths. Such is the case with Tiffany Pesci. Many of you might have already guessed her relationship with a celebrity with the last name. Yes, she is the daughter of Joe Pesci, a successful Hollywood actor, and American actress, Claudia Haro.

Tiffany Pesci Biography

Tiffany has lived a relatively private life. Her real age details are yet to surface the internet but, we can guess her age from her photos. The girl is probably in her mid-twenties, judging from her photos. Other details regarding her education and early life are full of holes. Tiffany’s grandfather is Angelo Pesci, who worked as a driver for General Motors, and her grandmother Maria Mesce did barber work as her occupation. Thus, she inherits part-Italian and part-American genetics from her grandparents.

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The girl has almost remained behind the curtains for her entire teens and continues to this day. The only incident when the cameras caught her was at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. She attended the 20th Annual A Time For Heroes event with her father. Apart from this incident, the media has barely been able to cover her ups and downs. All we know that she works as a model, and that is it.

Father Joe Pesci-FamilyJoe Pesci

Now that we have collected some information on the girl, let us venture into why she gets so much attention. The reason is transparent; Tiffany’s father, Joe Pesci, is a renowned American actor. Some of his prized contributions include movies like Raging Bull, Once Upon a Time in America, Moonwalker, Goodfellas, Home Alone 3: Lost in New York, The Irishman, and the list goes on. These are all great movies and showcase Joe’s brilliant professionalism. He got awarded the Academy Award as the Best Supporting Actor in the film Goodfellas.

Joe’s third wife, Claudia Haro, is the mother of Tiffany Pesci. Claudia is an actress herself, and you can see her in action in movies such as Jimmy Hollywood, With Honors, Casino, and Gone Fishin’.

Relationship Timeline of Tiffany’s Parents

To this day, Tiffany’s father, Joe Pesci, has exchanged his vows with three women. He first committed in 1964 with a woman he never brought to media eyes. Some sources say that he shared a kid with his first spouse, but we have yet to get the information. Such is the case with his second wife. Joe got divorced, got married, and again divorced, ending his second marital relationship. Details of his second partner are also tough to find.

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Joe walked down the aisle with his third partner Claudia Haro after some time of dating. Claudia HaroThe beautiful American actress much complimented the rising actor, and things were sailing smoothly. Sadly, they parted ways with reasons unknown to the public. After this separation, Joe remained single for a long time before dating another American actress Angie Everhart. It seems they had some indifferences somewhere during their timeline and decided to go separate ways. As of 2019, Joe is single and living his life to his fullest away from controversies.

However, Claudia has a lot of things to worry about. After her separation from Joe, she got married to a guy named Garrett Warren. We do not know the whole story, but Claudia attempted murder on Garrett twice in 2000. Yes, she tried to kill her husband. She shot Garrett in his face and upper body. Fortunately, the guy didn’t die, but he lost one of his eyes.Garrett Warren

The reason behind such an extreme behavior never got public, and investigations revealed many things after the incident. Some professionals suspect that Claudia hired a gunman for the killing job. True or not, Claudia got arrested for attempted murder charges. She is currently spending 12 years and four months of jail time at the California Institution for Women in Corona.

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Tiffany Pesci Instagram and other Social Media Outlets

Tiffany does not live a flashy social media life. It seems like the celebrity daughter has no plans for flexing big brands or an exotic lifestyle. We could not find her on Instagram, but she seems to have a twitter (with no tweets). We came across a Facebook account under the name, but we will not share it until it is legit. There are several photos of her posing with her father on different events from random timelines, though.

Tiffany Pesci Net Worth

Actual data of Tiffany’s earnings are yet to get revealed on the internet. We do know that the girl works as a model. Earnings greatly vary among models due to differences in brands, contracts, and the popularity of models themselves. However, Glassdoor estimates the average salary of a model anywhere between $25.8 thousand and $33.6 thousand US dollars. All this and $50 million net worth of her father make it pretty clear that the girl is living a luxurious life.



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